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Your Signature Hound experience is improving.

Signature Hound is loved as a user-friendly web app to create, manage, and share email signatures. From June 17, 2024, we’re moving to a paid subscription model. By teaching an old dog new tricks, we’ll be creating a better experience for all.

Signature Hound will no longer be free.

Starting Monday, June 17, 2024, Signature Hound will no longer be a free service. Signature Hound has grown at a remarkable pace, going beyond our expectations, but leading to our current infrastructure being overloaded at times. To accommodate our ever-growing community, we’re introducing three subscription plans to help us upgrade our resources, and introduce new features. All users will need to choose a subscription from Plans by June 17, 2024.

Woof woof, why the change?

After years of offering Signature Hound as a free platform, our huge growth in users has strained resources, leading to occasional reliability issues and server congestion. While moving to a subscription model represents a big change, it’s a crucial step towards improvements in overall stability to help create a more dependable experience. Subscriptions will also support the addition of new features, making Signature Hound a better and more powerful tool for all.

What does this mean for users?

Up to 50% off plans for a limited time.

As a gesture of appreciation, until June 17, 2024 we’re offering users discounted pricing across all our Plans, for the lifetime of your subscription. Give a dog a bone, as the saying goes. All users can switch or cancel plans at any time.

Current users will need to subscribe by June 17, 2024. After this date, your existing signatures will no longer function correctly.

A little patience goes a long way.

We appreciate that there have been moments of instability, and that’s our reason for change. Although we’re expecting to see stability improve almost immediately from June 17, 2024, please bear with us. It may not happen overnight, but rest assured, we’ll continue working like a dog to boost performance.

We’re expecting a high volume of website traffic while our promotion is active. If you happen to have any issues signing up, please be patient and try again later. Don’t forget, you have until June 17, 2024 to claim the discount.

Big, big thanks.

In the past few years, generous donations and the backing of our users has enabled us to keep Signature Hound alive and kicking. We couldn’t be more grateful for everyone’s continued support. Thank you 🧡🦴

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