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Email signatures,
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We’ve made it easy to create
perfect email signatures.

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Comes with installation instructions for most email software, including

Apple Mail iOS
Apple Mail MacOS
Yahoo Mail
Mozilla Thunderbird Windows
Mail App Windows 10
Airmail MacOS
Spark MacOS
Mailbird Windows
Em Client Windows

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Choose a template.

Select a template and enter your contact information. With options for multiple phone numbers and social media accounts, we’ve got you covered.

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Showcase your brand.

Fill in your details and customize your signature to match your company’s brand. Upload your logo and select your font and colors.

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Easy-peasy installation.

Choose your email client and follow the easy to use install instructions. You’ll be sending out emails with your professional new signature in no time.

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Share with your colleagues.

They’ll be able to personalize their matching signature with their own contact information. You can even upload a CSV and we’ll send them a link to your signature with all their data pre-filled.

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Time for a walkies!

With all the time you’ve saved not dealing with getting your signature to look good across mail clients, figuring out where to host your image assets and troubleshooting pesky install bugs – you’ve got the time to show your doggo some extra love!

So many options.

Our customizer allows you to upload your company logo and profile picture, as well as choose styles and colors so you may best match your brand.

Tried and tested templates.

Our templates have been tested across email clients to ensure they’ll look good no matter what program your recipient is using.

Social media awareness.

Let your recipients know of your social media presence and increase traffic. Customize the social media icon color and style.

Easy install.

We’ve collated easy to follow instructions for a wide variety of email clients so you’ll be quickly up and running, hassle free.

Share with your colleagues.

Easily share your email signature with co-workers so they may customize it with their own personal data and install it themselves.

Forever hosting.

We’ll keep your email signature saved so any time a new staff member comes aboard you’ll be able to share it with them. Sunnie promises not to eat it!

Custom templates.

Got coding skills? You upload your own custom templates and leverage the Signature Hound customization engine. Check out our docs.

CSV share.

Share your signature with your colleagues so that it is already pre-filled with their data when they come to install it.

Seasonal calls to action.

Add call to action banners to your email signatures and update them without your users having to re-install their signatures. Check out our docs.

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