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We've ditched the old subscription model and decided to gift Signature Hound to the world for absolutely free.

You are viewing the old pricing plans which no longer apply. All features are now available on the Free plan.
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What features are available?

Signature Hound is now setup so that all of the features described under the previous Studio plan are now available on the Free plan.

Asked Questions

Is it one user per signature or an unlimited number of users per signature?

You may share your signature design with an unlimited number of team members. They will be able to install a matching email signature, customized with their personal information.

Can I update all of my users' signatures without them having to perform a re-install?

Generally speaking no. However most email clients will allow you to update any image that appears in a signature without your users having to perform a re-install. Learn more about how to do this through our documentation.

How do I got about importing a custom HTML template?

Read through our documentation on custom HTML templates. You'll need to be able to write and understand HTML code.

What if my email client is not listed as an option in the install instructions?

We provide the ability for you to copy your signature to your clipboard (as well as copy the HTML and download the HTML file). With these tools you should be able to install your signature to any email client that supports HTML email signatures.

Let us know if your email client is missing from our database and we'll test it's compatibility with Signature Hound and add instructions as soon as we can.

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