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Important news for iOS and Outlook users.

Updates are supposed to make things betters, aren’t they?
For those who have not received emails from us regarding recent updates from Apple and Microsoft, here’s the (poop) scoop:

Outlook update

Microsoft has recently released an Outlook update that isn’t dog friendly. Pictures missing, weird links, strange formatting... but don’t fret. We’re working hard in the background to tame this energetic beast, and we expect to push a revision to our code that addresses all issues soon. There may be trial and error while we fine tune Outlook to work as we’d like it to, but teaching an old dog new tricks isn’t easy.

iOS issues resolved

Apple recently released an iOS update (17.5 and above) that removes all images and formatting from signatures on mobile. Don't fret! We put our noses to the ground and have developed a fix that plays nicely. Our updated iOS installation instructions are available in your dashboard. Hoorah!

We really appreciate your patience as we work through these recent updates.

Got it

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