Signature Hound is now completely free!

As some of you know Signature Hound is a one man operation. Welp, I've gone a got myself a new job which means I'm longer able to give paying subscribers the support they deserve.

As a result I've decided to make Signature Hound completely free for everyone!

All features unlocked

All users (including those on the Free plan) now have access to the full suite of features previously reserved only for those on the Studio plan. A full list of these features can be seen on the pricing page.

Current subscribers

If you are currently signed up as a paid subscriber you may downgrade to the Free plan at any time via your account page. You will experience no interruption to your service.

In the event you downgrade, any funds remaining on your subscription period will be prorated and applied to your account balance which can be used for any future payments to Signature Hound should they become available.

If you do not downgrade to the Free plan your current subscription will continue to be billed as is.

Donate now

I will continue to pay the hosting costs so that Signature Hound lives on and your email signatures continue to work. If you're feeling generous you can donate some cash to the cause via our donation page.

Please note that any excess donation funds will be used to purchase dog treats for Sunnie :)

Madison Giles
Founder of Signature Hound

Got it

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